Distribute your brand in communities everywhere

Trunkshop is a next-generation distribution platform that allows selling in every corner of the world through a network of passionate independent sellers serving local shoppers on-demand.

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Why partner with Trunkshop

✔︎ Connect to a new distribution channel powered by passionate people
✔︎ Engage consumers in communities, large and small
✔︎ Drive product demonstration, sampling, brand awareness, and knowledge

✔︎ Get paid right away
✔︎ Sellers become brand ambassadors spreading the word
✔︎ Sellers deliver the last-mile, for free.

How to get started



Make your products available to sellers on the Trunkshop wholesale marketplace.


Sell in bulk

Receive orders to ship to sellers, get paid right away, shipping included directly by Trunkshop.



Watch your brand's reach grow powered by passionate sellers in communities everywhere.

People-Powered Retail

Sellers on Trunkshop serve the latest products to shoppers in their community, on-demand, and on the go.

Everyone’s Personal Seller

Shoppers request personal sellers, at home, office or on the go to try & buy the products they love, on their own time.

Trunkshop distributes on behalf
of popular and emerging brands

Trunkshop is now available
in the following markets

✔︎ United States
✔︎ Canada

Trunkshop launched in Montreal, Canada, on September 7, 2018.
For inquiries, email brands@trunkshop.co

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